“A Person or Event Never Really Passes as Long as it is on the Lips of Mankind”

Posted by ed | News | Posted on May 11th, 2014

We at brew Rebellion are asked by our friends and guests questions related to the names of our beers. “Why did you name an IPA after a Native American Chief?” or other related and logical questions.

We honor Geronimo because he was an amazing man and a recognized military genius who deserves his place in American history.

For example, our new “Union Blueberry Honey Wheat” and the upcoming  brew “Ol Reb Raspberry Honey Wheat are named as our homage to to one of the most critical and historical events in our nation’s history, the Civil War.

Take our line of stouts that are named after John Paul Jones, the founder of our American Navy, who without it and him, we would be singing “God Save the Queen” and bowing to European monarchy today. We also have a “Churchill Cherry Honey Wheat” coming soon, in honor of one of the greatest leaders of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill.

Our Italian Strawberry Honey Wheat is named after an Italian rock and roll group called “Miss Chain and the Broken Heels”. This band is great and loved by our master brewer, so he decided to honor them with their own beer.

We also name our beer after loved ones who have passed and given us a great example of love in our lives. The Manuel Bermudez Strawberry Rhubarb Ale and the Amber Ann Ale come to mind as I write this. Andy named one terrific holiday beer that we brew, Grandma Sutfin’s Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Ale and it is the bomb with Thanksgiving dinner.

Another name that gets thrown out there is the Chris Martin S’More Porter. Chris was the first person to join the Brew Rebellion Founder’s Society and in honor of his faith in us, we named a special beer after him.

There you have it, we wish to keep these names and events alive on the tongues of folks long after they and we are gone, so that the memories and accounts never really go away.

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