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Have you ever wanted to own your own your own microbrewery? The normal route to achieving this business goal would normally entail the gaining of experience required to be a brew master requiring years of trial and error in the making beer that others will love and eventually pay for.

After you have spent years perfecting your craft, you start to assemble the necessary equipment and find that despite the many wrong decisions and choices you have made that you are ready to put together a business and marketing plan, find a location that you hope will fit your needs and then plow through piles of government paperwork and if you are lucky, you are open for business.

If you would like to jump start the microbrewery process, consider becoming a Brew Rebellion Franchisee. Please review the following key points that we offer to our franchisees and give us a jingle if you would like to know more information.

1. Brew Rebellion has an established identity and marketing plan.

2. Brew rebellion will train you to be an accomplished brewer and provide you with established and
successful recipes.

3. Brew Rebellion offers a complete marketing and business plan all designed to help you succeed in
the microbrewery business. Logo’s, product names, signage and marketing material are essential
for success.

4. Brew Rebellion will help you decide and negotiate the best business location for your brewery and
assist you in filling out all of your license and permit paperwork.

5. Brew Rebellion will assist you in the purchase of equipment based on our own experience and
success. Knowing sizes and quantities regarding equipment is critical and having too much is just
as bad as not having enough.

To contact us in regarding more information on a possible franchise opportunity please email or call us today and ask for Ed at 951 850 3954.

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