Geronimo IPA

Posted by ed | News | Posted on January 3rd, 2014

Geronimo IPA is a mixture of subdued taste pleasures not usually found in a beer of this type. You will taste the hops in this brew but they will be subdued in the end with the persistent flavor of the barley and malt finish. This is a filling beer and a party in your mouth with excellent pairings with everything that can be cooked on a grill.

When we first named our IPA after this great Apache chief, we had a person ask us if it was proper to use it to name one of our beers. When we chose to use his name we then, and continue to use it as a point of honor to this great American Indian chief. We do this partly so that people will remember him and his role in our country’s history.

After an attack by Mexican soldiers killed his mother, wife and three children in 1851, Geronimo quite literally went on the warpath against the Mexican army.  During his career as a war chief, he was notorious for consistently leading raids upon Mexican provinces and later he waged war against the United States as he felt that the army reneged on treaties and agreements with his people.

This part of our history was a brutal chapter of how bad we as humans can treat one another. No matter how he is viewed from a historical standpoint, Geronimo and that period of history is worthy of remembering.

His last words were reported to be said to his nephew, “I should have never surrendered. I should have fought until I was the last man alive.”[

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