Our Brew Philosophy and Our Tap List

Posted by ed | News | Posted on January 3rd, 2014

Brad and Andy are very creative when they brew on our system that is designed to produce 30 to 50 gallons of beer at a time. It is very likely that your local 7-11 has more beer on three shelves than what we produce during each brew session.

Everything we brew is made with whatever is in the title. That means that our fruit beers actually have crushed fruit in them, our chocolate raspberry stout has real chocolate in it…, well you get the idea.

I tell our tap room visitors that we are like Costco in the sense that if you see the beautiful leather recliner for $400, you better buy it because it won’t likely be there on your next visit. We like to keep a varied and interesting menu on our tap list and out tap room visitors know that when they come in they will likely see some new concoctions along with a list of popular recurring flavors.

So, if you come in and your favorite taste is not listed, go ahead and try something new as it could possibly become your new favorite.


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