Random Thoughts While in the Midst of the Brew Rebellion

Posted by ed | News | Posted on February 18th, 2014

On the 28th of this month, we will be releasing our first barrel aged beers at our brewery. These are extreme limited release products, one is the Amber Ann Imperial Red and the other is the malty IPA that we brew in honor of and named after the great chief Geronimo. I have had a taste of the Amber Ann and as a person who loves a good bourbon whiskey and craft beer, Andy and Brad have come up with a gem that pays tribute to both in a great way.

Our Founders and Rebels get first shot at these bottles and the balance of the one whiskey barrel quantity of each will likely sell out in the brewery.

As with all of our Amber Ann brew sales, Brew Rebellion will be making a donation to local pet rescue organizations in her honor.

Lastly, I have had people ask me why we named an IPA after a Navajo Indian chief? I have even had some people ask that question with an almost angry tone, as if we are being disrespectful by doing this. Others will almost angrily talk of how Geronimo was a terrible man who killed the innocent.

Our answer is simple, the story of the American Indian and the settling of this great country is very disturbing from many angles with brutality and untruthfulness being the very pavement that this history traveled upon. Without the ability to assign blame or accept responsibility of that violent past, we have chosen to honor it by naming our favorite beers after these historical figures in hopes that others will always remember their names and what they did on this earth.

We hope you enjoy our barrel aged presentations.

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