Summer Time Flavor – Stll a Party in Your Mouth

Posted by ed | News | Posted on May 2nd, 2014

Andy and Brad have outdone themselves with the past winter beer flavors. The Chris Martin S’more Porter, a rich combination of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow has been a winter crowd favorite and when we feature this cold weather favorite with a branch of habanero peppers on top, it is a party in your mouth. We try to offer this spicy offering at the festival events that we pour at and it is a fan favorite.

The John Paul Jones line of stouts, chocolate raspberry,amaretto, coffee and original, have been well received throughout southern California. These stouts are named after the founder of the United States Navy, not a rock and roller. Jones was a true rebel and we are proud to honor him in a time when those that risked everything to secure the freedoms that we enjoy today are glossed over.

There is an old saying that says we never really die until no one says our name any more. Long live John Paul Jones, Geronimo and  Amber Ann!!!

We have some great spring and summer beers on tap and available in bottles for your enjoyment. They include our summer standard bearer Peach Honey Wheat, Barely Beer Baron’s Berry and our strawberry rhubarb blend.

Last of all, don’t forget our Caramel Apple Pie Ale, available only in the brewery on tap and we hope that you are looking forward to our one year anniversary party coming up on June 21-22. The boys have prepared some special treats for all of you, to whom we owe our success.



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