We Are A Nano Brewery

Posted by ed | News | Posted on December 18th, 2013

Andy and Brad brew our beer in very small quantities and our menu is constantly changing. Heck, I bet there a home brewers that produce more beer by volume. I tell folks that their local 7-11 has more beer on hand than we produce all month.

We brew on a one barrel system and before we started our brewery, we were told by many smarter folks than us, that our business model wouldn’t work. They kindly pointed out that in order to be successful in the brewery business, you had to brew in at least a seven barrel system and at the very least you need a three barrel system to be profitable.

Those folks may be right if you are interested in selling mass quantities of beer in kegs or twelve ounce bottles. In our case, we like to have a variety when you come to visit us and the fact is we will run out of certain brews only to be replaced by another concoction that comes out of our madmen brewer’s brains is really and truly part of the plan.

I’m not saying that we won’t brew on a larger system some day, but for now, we are really after the true and limited craft beer experience for our customers.

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