Winter Hours at the Tasting Room

Posted by ed | News | Posted on October 10th, 2013

Summer is gone and with it are the “holy smokes it’s hot today” weather. We have been working Brad like the dog that he is and decided that we will close down the tasting room on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We do this for a number of reasons, one is seriously because Brad works hard and could use a day or two off and secondly we seem to be booking a number of special events that allow us to help local charities to raise money during the week and thirdly, we have a lot of bottle shops clamoring for our beer and we figure if we are shut down twice a week, we can get our bottling done.

Any who, there you have it. The good news is that Brad will have more energy, did I really just say that?, and you are welcome on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00pm, Friday 1:00 pm, Saturdays at noon and Sundays around 9:30am.

Thank you for your support and patronage and on behalf of Andy, Brad and myself “stay thirsty friends.”

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